About Crowsoft Apps:

Crowsoft was founded in May 2018 by Stephen Elliott.

It was born out of his interest in crypto currencies and his desire to learn a programming language.

The first basic apps were written in Java for Android, and this lead into a basic knowledge of HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VB, C++


Crowsoft is located in Auckland, New Zealand and currently runs out of Stephen's bedroom on a Rhyzen 3 gaming machine.

Although soon it will hopefully be running out of a cool-room with several servers on a 24 hour UPS system and dedicated IP address.


 We have 1 programmer (hi!) and that's about it.  A web-designer may come on board soon, as well as a 2nd programmer.


Currently, we are not taking on any additional help (we can't afford it!)

But any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.