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A Beta is a program that is still in an experimental or testing phase.

There may be bugs and graphical errors.  Use these programs at your own discretion. 

Whilst I take great care to ensure they will not damage your computer or steal your information, I can not guarantee that they won't crash, or that any financial figures / maths is 100% correct.

Sparks - Electroneum Data (Windows)

Screen Shots


Dated: 03/MAY/2019

Release Notes:

Added / Changed

  • Minimizes to task bar.


  • Now references coingecko API and a second backup API
  • Price alerts / Arbitrage / Exchange Prices
  • ETN-Sats price chart: Lower range is no longer shown off screen
  • Errors: Prevented a number of 'connection not found' errors from crashing Sparks.


  • site gives javascript error, this is an issue on their end.


Release Notes:

  • Receipt and quote printing works

  • Fixed crash bug when user cancels out of receipt printing screen

Release Notes:

  • Receipt and quote printing now works

  • Username and access level added to status bar

  • Massive idiot proofing on all forms