POSitron (Stable Beta)


POSitron is a point of sale software solution aimed at small businesses & sole traders who operate in a real-world (brick and mortar) retail environment. 

I amI am in the process of creating a full-package system with Windows, Android, potentially iOS, and a pre-made e-commerce website for each install.   

The windows package runs the show and functions as both the server and a Point of Sale.

Use your tablets and phones as mobile sales terminals,

 Host an E-commerce site on your computer and contact your ISP to link it to a domain name of your choosing. (cost extra)



  • Barcode scanning of stock items, receipts and QR codes.

  • Sales via Cash, Credit Card manual / paypal, EFTPOS, Crpyto-Currenty: Electroneum

  • Sales history, reports, refunds, receipts and quotes.

  • Web sales history, reports, refunds.

  • Stock Management (Create, edit, delete, stocktake, purchase orders, stock reports)

  • CustCustomer Management and contacts.

  • Staff Management, access levels, roles, photos, contact details.

  • Email, or notify staff members at the press of a button.

  • Stock-Suppliers Management (whole salers).

  • Basic reporting.

  • Company and Web-Shop setup options.

  • Registration

  • Updates & changelog.

  • Secondary monitor & customer-facing display

  • Receipt printer, A4 printer, cash-draw handling.


The following downloads are intended for those wishing to preview and Beta Test the POSitron Point of Sale software.

Currently, we support Android and Windows package.  IOS may come later - depending on interest, time, revenue etc.

ThisThisThis beta is limited to 14 days!

* Note that whilst Registration should work, it's best to contact me directly at this time incase anything goes wrong and I can help, or refund you.


Minimum Requirements:rong>

    • Processor Minimum: 1 GHz (x86 processor or x64 processor) 
      Recommended: 2 GHz or faster (dual-core or quad-core will be much faster)

      Memory Minimum: 1 GB RAM for 32-bit system, 2 GB RAM for 64-bit systems 
      Recommended: 2 GB RAM or greater

       Available Disk Space Minimum: 16 GB for 32-bit systems, 20 GB for 64-bit systems 

      • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 Pro versions.

    • Android Smartphone:  Android 5.0 (Marshmellow) or above
      Recommended: Android 8.0 +


+ Recommended (optional):

  • A4 printer

  • Receipt printer / Thermal printer

  • Cash Draw

  • Secondary Monitor (Customer Facing)


How it works:

There are two files you can download. 

Windows Install

Android Install

The first is the Windows Installation Package.

This sets up Microsoft SQL server on your windows computer, creates the POSitron database and allows you to enter your initial company settings (Company name, tax rate, country, currency, tax number etc).

Business owners may also choose to register here. (please contact me first!)

You may also choose to install the Windows-based point of sale (recommended), and the web-shop template.


The second is the Android Installation Package (.APK)

Download this file and place it on your Android phone, or navigate your phone to this page and easily install it from here.

Do this AFTER the Windows Install has finished! As you require the database to be installed.

Once installed, simply open the POSitron icon and the login screen should appear.



Windows firewall, and potentially other firewall products will block POSitron (Microsoft SQL) by default!   Either disable your firewall, or allow an exception on port: 1433

  1. Open the Windows firewall in control panel

  2. Click on Inbound Rules.

  3. Select New Rule.

  4. Select the Port type of the rule. Click next.

  5. Specify the ports 1433 and 1434 (1433,1434). Click next.

  6. Name the new rule  (ie: POSitron) and save.

Details on setting up the Windows Installation Package.

Download the file:

It iIt is an auto executing file, and will automatically extract to your windows temporary folder. 

You will be prompted to choose which components to install, by default the Master Database is selected - if this is your first install, you MUST install this.

After MSSQL is installed, simply click 'CLOSE' - I am working on a way to make this automatic in future updates.

When prompted, you MUST enter a Company Name.

You should also take the time to setup the tax, country etc - although these will all default to New Zealand (NZD) 15% if left blank.


When finished. Click SAVE.  

You may ignore the registration for now. 


Setup will then proceed with installing the POSitron windows terminal (if selected), and adds a shortcut to this to your desktop.

Setup will then install Internet Information Services (IIS) and attempt to attach the website template to this.  

The website will be installed to c:\WebShop

In order to actually serve the website to customers, you will need to contact your Internet Service Providor (ISP) and enquire about hosting your own website. 

This will also require you to register a domain name and point the DNS address to your computers IP address - dont worry, your ISP should be able to guide you.



Logging into POsitron :

When a new user / admin logs in for the very first time, they will be prompted to enter:

Internet Server IP:       (This is the Internet IP address of the computer with MSSQL and POSitron database)

Local Wi-Fi Server IP:   (This is the Wi-Fi IP address of the computer with the MSSQL and POSitron database)

You only need to enter one of these, preferably the Wi-Fi one. Though both are prefered.

The Internet IP is used for when you're at home, or away from the shop and still need to log in.


To find the server IP addresses, search for and run:

IP FINDER.EXE in the installation package.

Or re-run SETUP.EXE and select DATABASE component (cancel when you have the IP addresses)

Or Google "What is my IP" - For Internet / Mobile-Data IP.

Or click the windows menu, type 'CMD' and press enter.  At the prompt type "IPCONFIG - For Wi-FI IP

* The IP address looks something like



By default, only one user account is enabled (ADMINISTRATOR)

Login = 1

Password = password

Yes, I know. Dumb.  But its the easiest way to get people to log in.

Simply change the password under Administration -> Change Password

Note: You cannot change the login name. They will always be numbers (LoginID) and go up in numeric sequence.


Any questions, comments or issues.

Email:    crowsoftapps@gmail.com