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Crypto: Arbitrage Finder (Android)
Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets (exchanges).

This app searches for Arbitrage opportunities for a number of popular Crypto Currencies.

It will scan a user-defined list of coins and exchanges for sat/eth/usdt values and will tell you the cheapest place to buy - and the best place to sell, along with the % profit you will likely make before and after fees.
Basically, it tells you to buy on X exchange, transfer to Y exchange and sell.

42 coins, across 19 exchanges
Arbitrage Finder
Price Alerts
Portfolio Valuer

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Crypto: Price Widgets (Android)
Shows Values: 
Bitcoin (BTC) Sats
Ethereum (ETH) Eths 
+ coinmarket cap value in your chosen currency. 
+ 1hr, 24hr and 7day change.

Bag Value:
Can also show the value of your bag in your chosen currency!

How It Works:
Choose your coin, an exchange, the layout you like and a fiat currency. 
(USD, EUR, HKD, INR, RUB, AUD, NZD, JPY, CAD, BRL, MYR, PHP and many more)

Widgets update Automatically, and on click.
You can have more than 1 Widget!

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POSitron: Point of Sale (Windows)
* SQL Master Database
* POSitron Windows Point of Sale Application
* Web-Shop Template


POSitron is an entry-level point of sale application aimed at small businesses and startups with fewer than 10 employees.
It is ideally suited for a small, physical retail store situation (dairies, applicance stores, crafts, general goods, services).  The basic package handles day-to-day sales, as well as management tools such as: 

Stock Takes
Purchase Orders
Staff Accounts & Management
Customer Details & Management
Supplier Details & Management
Basic Reporting

Cost of full installation: $365 / Year (USD)       or     $520 / Year (NZD)

More Info HERE


Download FREE 14-Day Trial

POSitron: Point of Sale (Android)
* Requires POSitron Master Database (Windows Version) to be installed prior! 
* Can be run during the 14 day trial.

An (almost) fully-functional version of the POSitron Windows install, except it runs on your Android / Samsung smart phone!

Apart from the smaller screen, and a slightly different look and feel - 99% of the same features are available.  

The upside of using a smartphone as your point of sale are:
Mobile / Portable - You can sell your product litterally anywhere you have Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.
Create a new stock item for both your retail store and your web-shop on the fly by simply taking a photo of it and giving it a name and price.
You can scan barcodes and QR codes with your phone, If they have been previously added to the database, POSitron recognises them.
Scan sales-ID barcodes for instant sales-history and refund management.

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