Sparks Screen Shots

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Main page / Exchange Prices

Shows the sats/eths/usdt prices and volume of Electroneum on all the major exchanges.


Arbitrage Finder

Scans for prices differences between your selected exchanges and can alert you if an arbitrage opportunity is found



Basic charting for ETN vs BTC/ETH/USD based on coin market cap.


Trade History

A manual-entry spreadsheet for all of your Electroneum transfers. This screen should calculate how much you have spent, earnt or gained in USD over the course of your Electroneum history.


Price Alerts

Choose an exchange, a base currency, mode and value.  Sparks will auto-alert you if one of your conditions is met.


Request ETN

Asks you to input an amount of ETN you wish to receive. Creates a QR code which you can save or copy to clipboard.


Links (Official & Social Media)

Two Screens:

One is a list of official ETN links, the other is unofficial social-media links.  Both will open within Sparks.